Courteney Palis

Courteney is currently a journalism and environmental studies student at NYU. When she's not busy worrying about how she'll feed herself once she graduates in December, she's reading, writing, blowing lots of money on shows, and playing piano or guitar (not both simultaneously -- she's not that talented). Her iPod is probably the most unlikely mix of music you've ever seen -- and it's only part of the collection she used to have before her hard drive crashed. You can follow her not-so-exciting life on Twitter: @courteneygoy.

Feb 272012

If you’ve yet to watch one of AaronicStuff‘s a capella covers on YouTube, we suggest you take a look at this one. It’s one thing to cover Daft Punk — the French duo has been in the electronic dance music game since the early ’90s and are big dogs in the business. But it’s something else entirely to come up with an a capella cover of “One More Time,” one of their best-known tracks to date. Continue reading »

Feb 162012

Ah, summer. While we’re still a ways off from warm weather, flip flops, and bathing suits, at least we can count on the legendary Beach Boys to hold us over until the season finally starts. They’ve got a whole bunch of summer-ready hits under their belts, but one of the most memorable is the sashaying 1963 single “Surfer Girl.” There’s no doubt that the Beach Boys did it right the first time around, but the L.A.-based (and Jersey bred) singer-songwriter Pete Yorn definitely clinches a close second with his updated cover, which he shared after watching the Grammys’ Beach Boys tribute on Sunday. Continue reading »

Feb 132012

While Chairlift is perhaps best known for “Bruises” — a 2008 single featured in an iPod Nano commercial — the Brooklyn-based synth-pop band has since moved on to bigger and better things. Last month saw the release of their sophomore album, Something, and with new music came more recent appearances, including a performance of Beyoncé‘s “Party” on the Triple J radio series, “Like a Version.” Continue reading »

Feb 102012

“Life Is a Highway,” one of Tom Cochrane’s best-known songs, has been a road-trip mixtape staple since its release back in 1990. Its upbeat, catchy chorus invites even the worst singers to belt along to the lyrics, and, recently, it caught the ears of Canadian indie folk band Folly and the Hunter. Continue reading »

Feb 072012

When it comes to mainstream music, classical instruments like the double bass and violin don’t often get much play. But that doesn’t mean they can’t make for one mean cover, as Philadelphia-based classical music group Time for Three has shown. This trio — comprised of Nick Kendall, Ranaan Meyer, and Zachary DePue — not only created a mind-blowing, string-filled rendition of Kanye West’s “Stronger” but, with their amazing talent, have found a way to make classical music more appealing and accessible to younger audiences. So, if you thought West’s version of “Stronger” was a good listen, just wait ’til you hear this. Continue reading »

Feb 032012

While covers of any song are a welcome departure from the norm, remakes of popular radio hits in particular can often be the most refreshing. Take, for instance, Portland-based indie duo White Hinterland’s trippy rendition of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” Released in July 2010 off Perry’s vastly successful album of the same name, “Teenage Dream” quickly became yet another oft-played number-one single for the pop star. While the rest of the world has moved way past “Teenage Dream” to Perry’s latest chart-topping hit, “The One That Got Away,” White Hinterland revisited the track at a Daytrotter session. Continue reading »