Brendan Shanahan

Brendan works and lives in Adelaide, Australia. Interested in all kinds of music (there are few he won't listen to), he's trying to find the best album in the world through the process of elimination. He's interested in covers that re-invigorate and elevate the original song, rather than those just used as filler (I'm looking at you 50s and 60s pop music albums!) Follow him on twitter.

Sep 142021
twenty one pilots

In their first live performances since 2019, Columbusites Twenty One Pilots had something special planned for their fans at Summerfest 2021. Nearing the end of their set, they performed My Chemical Romance’s 2005 hit “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” coming out of their own hit “Shy Away.” Continue reading »

Aug 302021
pentatonix bts

How can you make two of the biggest pop songs of the year even poppier? By covering them a cappella! After polling their Twitter following as to which BTS song they should cover, five-piece Pentatonix decided to mash-up two of the Korean giants’ biggest hits (and their two English-language chart-toppers) “Butter” and “Dynamite.”

It would have been very easy to just have the songs blend into each other in succession, but Pentatonix interweave beats and lyrics of both songs together to create a joyful and bouncy three minutes of K-pop fun. Check out the cover below. Continue reading »

Aug 242021
grandaddy gral brothers

As a part of the record label Perpetual Doom’s ongoing “Stay Tuned” series of TV theme song covers, Californian indie rockers Grandaddy and New Mexican electronic duo GRAL Brothers have tackled the themes for, respectively, Frasier and Are You Afraid of the Dark?.

The original Frasier theme is a catchy and bouncy jazz track, which Grandaddy has transformed into a slower and understated punk rock sound. The distorted vocals don’t add anything interesting, leading to a slightly underwhelming rendition. Check it out (if you really want to) below.

The GRAL Brothers track, on the other hand, is brilliant. Despite having only about 30 seconds of a spooky, jaunty theme song to work with, they’ve spun it out into what they describe as a “lucid high-desert landscape.” The track sounds insanely wide in your ears, like you’re staring out at a spooky sci-fi wasteland. If they ever make more episodes of the show, this version has to be the one used for the theme song. Check it out below.

Jul 272021
blackpink rose paramore

As if K-Pop superstars BLACKPINK don’t have enough going on at the moment, following their first album and upcoming film, one of their most popular members Rose, has started releasing solo material. As a part of the Korean reality show Sea of Hope, Rose performed a softer and more subtle version of the Paramore classic “The Only Exception.” Continue reading »

Jul 202021
dee gees

For this July’s Record Store Day release, the Foo Fighters went disco, releasing the Hail Satin LP, consisting of Bee Gees covers and a live set of tracks from their latest studio album, Medicine at Midnight. Under the moniker of the Dee Gees, the Foos released a video for “You Should Be Dancing.” Continue reading »