Brendan Shanahan

Brendan works and lives in Adelaide, Australia. Interested in all kinds of music (there are few he won't listen to), he's trying to find the best album in the world through the process of elimination. He's interested in covers that re-invigorate and elevate the original song, rather than those just used as filler (I'm looking at you 50s and 60s pop music albums!) Follow him on twitter.

Nov 222021
rise against fortunate son

As a part of their new EP Nowhere Sessions, Chicago punk rockers Rise Against have covered the Creedance Clearwater Revival classic, “Fortunate Son.” Released in time for Veterans Day, the track has a special meaning for the band. Said lead singer Tim McIlrath: “We actually used to cover ‘Fortunate Son’ in our early basement days. To me, the song represents one of the best examples of mixing music and politics together so seamlessly that nobody questions it.” Continue reading »

Nov 172021
lola young john lewis ad

In the UK, the John Lewis Christmas TV ad is kind of a big deal. The ads are known for being very well made, with a story and soundtrack with a strong emotional resonance – reducing some viewers to tears. For the 2021 ad, John Lewis tapped young singer-songwriter Lola Young to provide a version of the Philip Oakey and Giorgio Moroder classic “Together in Electric Dreams.” Continue reading »

Nov 152021
underground youth linda carbone

Throughout this pandemic, many artists have come together (while remaining apart) to record new music. The Underground Youth and Laura Carbone have teamed up and recorded an EP of Roy Orbison covers titled In Dreams, out now. Both artists recording their parts separately before adding them together, or as they put it: “Heartfelt home recordings in a time of isolation and distance. Brought together in the digital space to sound like a union.” Continue reading »

Oct 262021
william lee golden jambalaya

I always look with interest when there’s a new Hank Williams cover released, as the brilliant simplicity of his songs means there’s plenty of room for an artist to add their spin on the track. William Lee Golden of The Oak Ridge Boys has released his version of Williams’ classic hit “Jambalaya (On the Bayou)” for his upcoming album Country Roads: Vintage Country Classics. Continue reading »

Oct 182021
amanda palmer blurred lines

As a part of the DoReMeToo campaign, which involved female artists covering traditionally sexist songs, Kiwi musician Reb Fountain and Dresden Doll frontwoman Amanda Palmer contributed an outstanding and thought provoking mashup. The combination of Robin Thicke’s controversial hit “Blurred Lines” with Nirvana’s grunge anti-ballad “Rape Me” is a stroke of genius. Continue reading »

Oct 072021
wendy put your records on

Sometimes a cover is just as easy as someone going over the top of an instrumental version of the original song. This is the case with Red Velvet member Wendy (aka Shon Seung-wan)’s cover of the Corinne Bailey Rae smash, “Put your Records On,” a song which is having a bit of a covers moment after Ritt Momney’s version became a TikTok hit last year. Continue reading »