Aleah Fitzwater

Aleah Fitzwater is a rogue classical musician from Bedford, MI (a rural town between the cities of Detroit and Toledo). At a young age, she found herself taken by woodwind instruments- particularly, the flute. She continued her musical exploration at the University of Toledo where she received a bachelor's in instrumental music education. She currently works as a freelance music writer and recording artist and also runs two Etsy shops. When she’s not working, she’s probably playing with her Yorkie (Presto) or rearranging a song for a ridiculously large flute choir. Follow her at for more blog content, or to hear classical spins on popular songs.

Nov 012023
half moon run

Fred Again (aka “Fred) is a British producer/ DJ/ multi-instrumentalist. And recently the Canadian rock group Half Moon Run decided to go at the producer’s upbeat synth tune “adore u.” The way the quartet layered their sounds recreated the energetic nature of the original, while all of the percussion added a new charm. In this rendition, you hear shaker, pure vocals, drum kits, synthy keys, and even a string quartet. Watching this live version of their cover is especially satisfying, as you can watch this group of multi-instrumentalists play multiple instruments at once.   Continue reading »

Oct 252023
pendulum anti-hero

Pendulum is an Austrian electronic rock band, and lately, they’ve been mixing it up a little. This version of Taylor Swift’s hit “Anti-Hero” has vocals that are a bit Bastille-y, percussion reminiscent of traditional drum&bass, and tight-knit guitars. Put it all together, and it is safe to say that this is not your average pop cover of TSwift. Continue reading »

Oct 052023
ruston kelly dream song

Ruston Kelly is a singer-songwriter who creates Americana, pop-rock, and alt-country tunes- but he recently traded his twang for a much rounder vocal timbre in this version of Samia’s song “Dream Song.” 

The original version of “Dream Song” is like a dark lullaby, with macabre lyrics such as “tripping over spanish moss again, today is all of it, there are six minutes of brain activity, after the body’s dead.” Kelly kept the same emotive quality of the song in his version but changed the instrumentation and momentum slightly.  Continue reading »