Aleah Fitzwater

Aleah Fitzwater is a rogue classical musician from Bedford, MI (a rural town between the cities of Detroit and Toledo). At a young age, she found herself taken by woodwind instruments- particularly, the flute. She continued her musical exploration at the University of Toledo where she received a bachelor's in instrumental music education. She currently works as a freelance music writer and recording artist and also runs two Etsy shops. When she’s not working, she’s probably playing with her Yorkie (Presto) or rearranging a song for a ridiculously large flute choir. Follow her at for more blog content, or to hear classical spins on popular songs.

Apr 032024
drop nineteens white dress

Drop Nineteens is an American Shoegaze band from Boston. The 5-piece group started out in 1990. And while their initial stint was short-lived (with the group splitting after just five years, in 1995) the alt-indie groups’ fans were pleased to learn of a reunion. Twenty-sevel years after their hiatus they dropped the album Hard Light. And now? The quintet has released a muted and romantic shoegaze version of Lana Del Rey’s “White Dress”.  Continue reading »

Apr 012024
gaslight anthem

The Gaslight Anthem is an American punk-rock/indie-rock band from New Jersey comprised of Alex Rosamilia (guitar), Brian Fallon (vox, guitar), Alex Levine (bass), and Benny Horowitz (drums). And recently? The four-piece group decided to take Billie Eilish’s early ballad “Ocean Eyes” and turn it on its head. The idea reportedly came from when lead singer/guitarist Brian Fallon’s daughter turned her dad onto the song. And the rest? History! Continue reading »

Mar 202024
mitski coyote my little brother

“Coyote, My Little Brother” is often attributed to Pete Seeger, and while the American folk artist did popularize the song, it was actually written by Peter La Farge in 1963. Though it’s no wonder why Seeger’s version is more popular; his vocal delivery was more deep and reliable than that of the original artist. From the composition’s near-yodel jump to the falsetto high note down to the rich country-ish lows, this was certainly an unexpected choice for the artist Mitski to undertake on her latest Spotify single.

In Mitski’s hands, the environmentalist ballad is haunting yet placid, gentle but rich, and definitely indie-folk. She kept the instrumentation bare-bones, just like La Farge and Seeger’s versions, adding just two instruments. Mitski recorded the song with a double bassist (Jeni Magana) and a guitarist (Patrick Hyland). The sage words “Don’t poison the sky, don’t poison the sky…” never sounded so hauntingly sweet.

Mar 142024
dayseeker my immortal

Evanescence’s piano-laden ballad “My Immortal” took the world by storm in 2003, and the band Dayseeker has just flipped it on its head.

Dayseeker, a 4-piece post-hardcore/rock band from Orange County, California, is known for its quintessential dreamy, heavy sound: melodic, but not without that grit us alt-lovers crave. And recently the band created a compelling cover that began (surprisingly) with the piano line on an acoustic guitar. As the tune goes on, it’s like a slow burn, a lily budding- that then opened. Rory Rodriguez was the real star in this cover, which was practically a vocal showcase. From raw lows to clear falsetto jumps, “My Immortal” is a vocal challenge that he aced.  Continue reading »

Mar 062024
deco teenage dirtbag

Deco is a group from London with a passion for creating ’80s synth-pop fusion. And recently their music has caught fire for a mashup, which was released on February 26th. The cover is a version of Wheatus’ pop-punk song “Teenage Dirtbag”—except done in the style of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”. 

Have we all been Rick-Rolled? Yes. Is it a great cover? Absolutely.

The beginning of this “Teenage Dirtbag” cover has the exact same texture and melody as “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Now it sounds like Noelle is a prom queen from the ’80s. The band has only shared a clip of their mashup/cover on social media. While this isn’t an official/full release yet, the band’s fans are begging for one with comments like “Um is this getting released?” and “I’m not even gonna lie, this song would probably be on my Spotify Wrapped.”

This isn’t the band’s first rodeo when it comes to going viral. They’ve previously released other unconventional covers, like a Bowie-style “Murder on the Dancefloor” and an 80’s version of Coldplay’s “Yellow.”

You can watch the Rick-Astley style video clip (avec 1980’s style dance moves!) and cover down below.

Mar 052024
nick cave new look

Nick Cave may have started in the Birthday Party—”the most violent live band in the world”—but his latest release a bit more toned down: an old-timey style cover of Edith Piaf’s “La Vie En Rose.” It comes from producer Jack Antonoff’s The New Look soundtrack, which has showcased period-appropriate versions of popular oldies by famous musicians and groups such as The 1975 (“Now is the Hour”), Lana Del Rey (“Blue Skies”), and more.

The show focuses on designers Coco Chanel and Christian Dior inside of Nazi-occupied Paris, France. Cave’s deep baritone voice was gritty and rich in the heartfelt version of the French song. This nostalgic cover is floating on a jazzy cafe-style piano with a steady quarter-note beat. About halfway through, Cave’s voice seems to fade into the distance, and orchestra-feeling saxes, and chimes/bells come in.

Cave takes his time on some unexpected syllables and even adds a spoken word section in the middle. Between the instrumentation, production, and weary/melancholy, the delivery makes it feel like it is coming from World War II.

Check out many more covers of and by Nick Cave here.