Adele Hazan

Adele first realized her love for cover songs was an infatuation when she discovered 15 covers of Leonard Cohen’s "Hallelujah" in her music collection (Thanks Napster!). Freshly transplanted in Austin, TX, she finds herself constantly surrounded by music. She got her start writing in elementary school, and just learned 2 years ago that she’s been holding her pen incorrectly all along. Her interests are old t-shirts, tandem bikes, and anything with barbeque sauce. You can find her dancing in the front row at a concert or on twitter (@AdeleLaurie).

Apr 132011

In the Spotlight showcases a cross-section of an artist’s cover work. View past installments, then post suggestions for future picks in the comments!

You might know Daniel Johnston from Kurt Cobain's t-shirt, his iconic mural in Austin or the many artists who have covered him.  Or it's quite possible you've never heard of him. I had the pleasure of  learning about Johnston during a panel at SXSW last month that featured his brother, manager, and others who have worked with him over the years. Emotions ran high as they discussed Johnston's eccentric artistic habits, as well as how his personality was altered by bipolar disorder and how that affected his career as an artist. Continue reading »

In the Spotlight: Boy Bands

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Feb 252011

Call me old fashioned, but I am still a sucker for Joey Fatone, Brian Latrell, and the other Lachey Brother from their boy band glory days. The success of their songs didn’t come from legendary lyricism or face-melting guitar solos, but from their pop-perfect voices and sweet dance moves. Their boyish good looks didn’t hurt either. So join me in some late-’90s nostalgic looking with covers of all those dirty-pop hits. Though a biased fan, I will attempt to objectively scrutinize these covers and determine whether they’d be teen-idol approved. Continue reading »

Feb 182011

At Cover Me, we like to give stuff away. Read on to learn how that stuff can be yours.

Back in October, we reviewed Subterranean Homesick Blues (A Tribute to Bob Dylan's 'Bringing It All Back Home') when it was only a digital release. Now, we're giving away five copies of the brand-new vinyl version, courtesy of Reimagine Music. Kids, believe us (and your parents) when we tell you it sounds even better on wax. Read on to find out how to win. Continue reading »

Jan 102011

If you Google “The Tallest Man on Earth,” almost all of the top results will lead you to Kristian Matsson from Sweden. While his name might lead you to believe he has a Guinness-book-worthy-height, he’s actually a folk singer who spent the last couple years touring with Bon Iver and John Vanderslice (and is of average size).

Live at Paste Magazine, Tallest Man on Earth covers Paul Simon’s “Graceland.” Stripped down with just an acoustic guitar, Kristian carries the song with his gritty voice. Without Simon’s African influences and steel guitar, the new version holds its own with simple fingerpicking and raw vocals, no fancy third-world production needed. Continue reading »

Dec 212010

YouTube is filled with amateur cover “artists.” Most stink. On the ‘Tube extracts the exceptions.

Our series continues today with college student Kiersten Holine, who has an addictive set of covers on her YouTube channel. You come for her impressive repertoire of songs, but you stay for her poignant and impassioned vocals. Holine decided to post her first video in 2007 and was overwhelmed by the great feedback she received from her online fans. 600,000 viewers can’t be wrong, can they? [Editor’s note: Ke$ha’s newest video has 1,500,000 views. ‘Nuff said.] Holine will let you in to the privacy of her room to get caught up in the emotion of her covers.

Holine bares her heart and soul on covers of folks like The Beatles, Bon Iver, and Wilco. “If a song hits me hard emotionally and melodically, I have to try to play it,” she tells Cover Me. “Every song I’ve chosen has meant quite a bit to me.” Her favorite cover to play is Feist’s “The Park,” and while watching her play it you can’t help but notice her connection to it. Continue reading »

Dec 062010

Touring last year with Welsh trio The Joy Formidable, Passion Pit took the U.S. by storm with their in-your-face, electronic falsetto. Every song on their 2009 debut album Manners is dance-worthy and still worth listening to through 2010. The Joy Formidable created some buzz of their own with their indie, grunge sound that's slowly making its way over from the U.K. They've toured with Paul McCartney and the Temper Trap as well, but Passion Pit made the biggest impression. Continue reading »