Abigail Covington

Upon graduating from the College of William and Mary, Abigail Covington moved to Austin, Texas where she can be found bothering hipsters and begging her friends to listen to more Prince. A constant proponent of looking back not forward, she spends most of her time writing theory pieces on the priests and priestesses of soul: Otis Redding, Jackie Wilson, Betty Davis, and the likes. Now with her "I refuse to listen to anything but Prince" phase officially behind her she is ready to indulge in the world of cover songs and bring forth some revamped classics. In addition to writing things that few people read, she interns with the A.V. club in Austin, Texas and writes band bios and one notes for artists and musicians who are struggling like herself. She blogs, albeit sparingly, at http://thehoople.posterous.com.

Jul 152011

Without Noel Gallagher present to antagonize him, little brother Liam has been able to produce some quality work this past year with his new band Beady Eye (basically Oasis sans Noel) and their cover of “Blue Moon” stands amongst the best of their productions. In a tale of passion being the impetus for great music, Beady Eye delivers a gorgeous rendition of Manchester City’s theme song “Blue Moon,” and then seamlessly transitions it into a performance of their newest single. Continue reading »

Jun 242011

Every Tuesday, the A.V. Undercover series satisfies our insatiable hunger for cover songs by bringing all of the coolest bands on the block these days into their circular studios to drop something new on an eclectic mix of originals. Earlier this week we brought you Surfer Blood’s take on Pixies’ “Gigantic” and now it’s time for something completely different. …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead was not on the original list of invitees but since they were in the neighborhood, touring with their friends Surfer Blood, the A.V. Club allowed them a slot. Normally the bands choose from a list of songs that the A.V. Club crafted but in this case, due to some confusion over e-mail exchanges, Trail of Dead chose their own song for an Undercover bonus track. They dug deeper and decided on the Indigo Girls‘ “Fire and Blood.” Continue reading »

Jun 212011

Ohio indie rockers Lovedrug have recently released a slew of cover songs to preface their new album Best of I AM LOVEDRUG. The album will feature a wide range of covers of the likes of Third Eye Blind, Fleetwood Mac, Def Leppard and then some. Check out a few preview tracks.

A band has to be either quite confident in their credibility or have an uncanny ability to laugh at themselves  to take on a song by Darren Hayes, Savage Garden frontman. When it comes to a Savage Garden cover there’s only one direction a band can take it: up, and that is where Lovedrug goes with it. They take it up into the clouds and far beyond what one might consider the realm of possibility when it came to this song. Lovedrug unmasked the potential in “Insatiable” and managed to distort it into a techno-indie song with ironic panache. Continue reading »

Jun 072011

They Say It’s Your Birthday celebrates an artist’s special day with other people singing his or her songs. Let others do the work for a while. Happy birthday!

It’s time to make it rain and get our purple on, for today Prince turns 53. After spending a few years preoccupied with the creation of some albums that only he could enjoy, the father of funk recently renewed his interest in all us less funky, esoteric people by going on a cross-continental tour. Once again he is accessible to all those who adore him…so long as they adore him on his own terms. Meaning no YouTube fan videos, no file sharing, no blog posts, and for God’s sakes no cover songs! Continue reading »

May 202011

Cover lovers around the world should feel indebted to the creators of the Voice Project. Week after week, this group of musically-inclined philanthropists brings musicians and fans together for the sake of song and charity and in doing so gives all of us a slew of wonderful covers to enjoy. We have already featured a number of the Voice Project’s finest covers, but feel inclined to continue the coverage since everything they drop is just that good. Continue reading »