Jan 182024
water from your eyes ween

Water From Your Eyes is an indie duo based in Brooklyn whose latest album was dubbed “so mesmerizing it’ll give you a contact high” by Pitchfork. The duo’s most recent release, a rendition of Ween’s “If You Could Save Yourself” is simple, mournful, and momentous. It was created for a series titled “Songs that Found Me at the Right Time” which is connected to SOS (Sounds of Saving) a nonprofit that aims to use music to connect to well-being, and 988 the Crisis and Suicide Hotline.

In the video, the musicians Rachel Brown and Nate Amos stated that they both had been through hard times and felt like not many people were near them when they were at their lowest- besides each other. The group exchanged their gratefulness to one another in the video as well, coming to the conclusion that: “I think we’re both in better shape than we would be if we hadn’t connected,” Amos said.

In the cover, the heartfelt nature of the musician’s performance is more than palpable. As a whole, this pared-down voice and guitar cover doesn’t need a full orchestra to be entirely complete- It’s perfect exactly how it is.

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