Jul 262023
ryan gosling push

If you went to high school around (or before) when I did, then you know all about Matchbox 20, a group of American rockers first took the stage in the nineties. The ‘96 single/hit “Push” was meant to be written from the perspective of the band member’s ex. Despite the serious backstory behind the song, it’s hard to deny lead singer Rob Thomas’s unique timbre- which has led to more than one comical cover in the past. Now, onto the Ryan Gosling and Barbie of it all. 

Co-star Ken (Ryan Gosling) created this cover of “Push” for the movie. The beginning of Gosling’s versions was serious, coming in with upbeat strumming on an acoustic guitar. The raspy first line “I don’t know if I’ve ever been good enough” was a perfect recreation of the original. This tune is actually sung to Barbie in the movie around a campfire, and the strummed cowboy chords reflect the vibe perfectly. It’s not until the chorus that the real fun begins, taking the original “Rob Thomas” timbre and putting it on steroids, resulting in mumbly, goofy, nasally lines such as “I wanna take you for granted.” Luckily this was well-received by the original artist, as Rob Thomas told USA Today “I thought it was hilarious!”

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