Jun 052023
Hildegard Von Blingin Hurt

Hildegard Von Blingin’ is a Canadian artist and musical mastermind who writes “Bardcore for the discerning clergyman, noble, or muck-gathering peasant.” The artist’s name references on one of the oldest and most well-known female composers: Hildegard Von Bingen. In this cover, Von Blingin has decided to tackle one of Nine Inch Nail’s most popular tunes. The lyrical twist the author offers us in this version is tastily medieval, coming in with the line “I fell upon my sword today” rather than “I hurt myself today”.

According to the artist, “Some of the words resisted change of any kind. No matter the context, this song gets you right in the human frailty.” Von Blingin’ reported being very emotional during the recording process and had a difficult time singing while holding back tears. 

The instrumental backdrop of the layered, echoing plucked strings and pure vocal lines soaring above them is irresistible. The song builds up in a heroic way, like a warrior who has lost a battle. We slowly get pepperings of new running lines and themes, and a consistent percussive beat. 

The break featuring a wooden flute brings us back around to the melancholy. The next lyrics fit amazingly well with the fae-like vocals, zithers, and harp: “I wear this crown of thorns / Upon my liar’s chair / Full of broken thoughts / I cannot repair” 

As the tune comes to a close, angelic-sounding woodwinds bring us to the final chord. 

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