Apr 142023
moyun guzheng hotel california cover

One of the fun trends to happen among all the covers that have exploded with the rise of video streaming are covers of popular songs by unique instruments from a wide variety of cultures. If there’s an instrument out there, chances are someone has covered a famous song on it and uploaded the video to YouTube. This is the career Moyun has made for herself, covering both Chinese music and western popular music on the guzheng, a Chinese version of a zither. We last highlighted her on Cover Me with her incredible cover of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.”

Unlike some of these performers, Moyun uses a backing track for many of her covers of more modern music, and her cover of The Eagles’ “Hotel California” is no exception. However, this time she is doing the looping herself, seemingly live. She takes her cues entirely from the live version from the Eagles’ reunion album, even replicating that version’s percussion with her live looping, and the introductory guitar The looping let’s Moyun replicate all the parts, allowing her to play the vocal line on the guzheng while the rhythm parts continue.

Moyun’s version adheres quote closely to the Eagles’ acoustic live version, but it’s still a fun version, showing off Moyun’s dexterity on her instrument and her ability to incorporate modern looping techniques. Check it out:

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  2. Where can I get her cds

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