Apr 192023
Omnium Gatherum maniac

It’s possible the name Michael Sembello won’t mean much to you, but you know one of his songs: “Maniac,” the chart-topping hit from the 1983 movie Flashdance. Hint: “She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor…” The song is a bonafide ‘80s classic, a song whose dance-pop sound instantly evokes that decade. Well, until now.

Finnish metal band Omnium Gatherum’s new cover strips out basically every classic ‘80s element. The band plays death metal, and their cover fully transforms the song into a gritty, growled rager. You might not even recognize it if you weren’t paying attention (it’s more unmistakable to the music video, which pays overt homage to the classic Flashdance scene).

Singer — if you call that throat-shredding roar “singing” — Jukka Pelkonen said, “This classic pop song is shapeshifting into the Omnium Gatherum style of modern melodic death metal blast. Here is something to dance and headbang to in summertime!”

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