Jul 292022
Leo Moracchioli

If you were a child in Canada in the early 1980s, like I was, you watched Fraggle Rock. Now, it aired in other countries as well – the UK (TVS), the US (HBO) – but in Canada it was on, CBC, our national public broadcaster, for four years. There wasn’t much on TV in Canada in the 1980s and so it was a treat that we had these cuddly, wacky puppets on the one channel everybody got. And I was the prime demographic: I was barely a toddler when it premiered. I hadn’t thought much about the show, in recent years, but I do remember the theme song, though, which is catchy and really easy for children to sing along to.

Norwegian metal musician Leo Moracchioli has just been cranking out the covers on YouTube as Frog Leap Studios for years now. We’ve covered him tackling George Michael, Dolly Parton and Ray Parker Jr. His version of the theme from Fraggle Rock is pretty much exactly what you would expect if someone says “metal Fraggle Rock.” For the first verse it’s almost a hair metal version with a less bombastic singer, but then a proper metal growl comes in. And there’s a new breakdown, which makes the whole thing considerably more metal.

It’s straight-forward, sure, but the video is fairly charming and it’s a real nostalgia trip if you grew up with the show:

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