Nov 182021
Lake Street Dive Hall & Oates

Lake Street Dive‘s annual Halloween cover videos have grown increasingly elaborate with each passing year. Past covers have included “Bohemian Rhapsody” and last year’s “Don’t Let Me Down,” played outdoors in Brooklyn as a full-on recreation of the Beatles’ rooftop concert. That video’s homespun goofiness offered a bit of welcome respite in the throes of deep COVID (and the 2020 election season), with a stellar performance that gave the band a chance to channel their pop forebears while also putting their own signature stamp on the classic tune. For Halloween 2021, Lake Street Dive continued the trend of outsized musical stunts with a hammy cover of Hall & Oates’ “You Make My Dreams (Come True).”

Keyboardist-vocalist Akie Bermiss takes the lead as Daryl Hall, complete with a flowing blonde wig, trading verses with Rachael Price’s John Oates, sporting an only-half-affixed pencil mustache. The clip tracks with the oblique angles and bouncy abandon of the original music video, a shot-for-shot re-creation that’s both an involved production and a hilarious exercise. As in past years too, the band end the track by twisting the lyrics with a knowingly clunky Halloween flair: “You make my screams come boo.”

Lake Street Dive have skyrocketed in their fame since their earliest Halloween covers, but it’s fun to see that, after this many years, there’s still a place in their musical vocabulary for wiggling around to Hall & Oates. Check out the cover below.

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