Nov 122021
Lady Dan

Austin singer-songwriter Lady Dan just released her debut album last spring. Her sound is a mixture of country and indie rock, but that description does not prepare you for her cover of Bill Withers’ “Just the Two of Us.” Normally, a heartfelt ode top succeeding together in life as a couple, Lady Dan transforms the song into the story of a dangerous stalker.

The music is electronic, and it’s a little bit what you might imagine a creepy electronic cover of “Every Breath You Take” or “Happy Together” might sound like, if the music were to actually match the lyrics. Proper rock instruments replace the synthesizer on the second verse but the sound isn’t all that much less creepy. Then, just before the two minute mark, Lady Dan hammers home the point, playing on the elision of “and I,” repeating it over and over and over. Once our stalker has achieved her goal, the song goes celebratory, ’80s style, complete with cheesy sax. It’s a real left turn, as if you’re listening to a horror movie. It finishes with industrial noise.

There’s a lot to process, but the video does help you figure it out. It’s certainly the most unique cover of this iconic song you’re likely to hear for some time.

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