Oct 112021
Deep Sea Diver

“Hand in My Pocket” was Alanis Morissette first chart-topping hit – in her home country of Canada, that is. In the US it didn’t chart on the Hot 100 at all. Despite that relative lack of success stateside, it’s probably her third or fourth most-covered song, after the two biggest hits from the monster that was Jagged Little Pill, “Ironic” and “You Oughta Know.”

Deep Sea Diver is a Seattle indie rock band led by Jessica Dobson who have been active since about 2009. (Dobson was also briefly a member of The Shins.) They recently covered “Hand in My Pocket,” joined by singer-songwriter and fellow Seattleite Damien Jurado.

Their version begins much softer than Morissette’s original, with just Dobson and her acoustic guitar. But additional instruments quickly join the song, and Jurado backs Dobson starting on the second verse. About 90 seconds in, guitar feedback enters the mix and the song begins to build, though almost everything but Dobson’s voice briefly fall away around two minutes in. And then, about 2 and a half minutes in, the song takes off, with pulsing drums and a full wall of sound. There’s even an instrumental break with some heavily distorted guitars. It’s a far cry from the soft, slow opening – or for that matter, the outro, which is just as soft though much faster. This is a version of “Hand in My Pocket” that manages to skirt around the sound of the original while still recalling it.

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  1. Cool take on this song!

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