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The Jaded Hearts Club

Let’s start our final day of Supergroup Week with the band that started my own deep dive into supergroups…

The origin story of The Jaded Hearts Club is so pure of heart (just look how happy they look above!). Jamie Davis, co-owner of Transcopic Records, wanted a Beatles cover band for his birthday party, so he recruited his musical friends, Matt Bellamy (of Muse), Nic Cester (of Jet), Graham Coxon (of Blur and co-owner of Transcopic), Miles Kane (of Last Shadow Puppets), and Sean Payne (of the Zutons), to help him out. After that initial foray into covers, the band released a cover album in 2020, expanding beyond the Beatles.

This inspired me to look into other supergroups, their origin stories, and the musical networks that create them. What musicians have a day job as musicians but still have creativity overflowing to pour into side projects? There’s an extra layer when supergroups cover other musicians’ work (I’m not including when they cover songs originally by members from their formal musical careers). Cover bands are the ultimate anti-ego; they’re paying their respects to music that has influenced them.

The Jaded Hearts Club – Hey Bulldog (The Beatles cover)

This is one of those songs where The Beatles truly “rocked” (just listen to that guitar solo), so it’s a great choice for this collection of rockstars to take on. The Jaded Hearts Club’s version does in fact come off as a little more jaded than the original, a little more biting, if you will. Despite this slightly different energy, it’s great to hear some playfulness maintained, complete with barking mid-way through. We don’t get the back and forth spoken vocals at the end, but ending with a mini-jam lets all of the supergroup members in on the fun.

The Jaded Hearts Club (with Paul McCartney) – Helter Skelter (The Beatles cover)

I don’t care how super your group is, a cameo appearance from Paul McCartney himself is a dream come true. There is an awkward interlude where Paul doesn’t know what to do with himself (I love the YouTube comments that are like “just give Paul the mic already!!”), but then the mic is ceded, he takes over, and balance is restored in the universe. They even give him a bass at some point. Honestly, I’m not even deeply listening to the cover, I’m distracted by all of the energy on the stage. I just love how they are all just casually rocking out, unfazed covering The Beatles with Paul *right there.* Contrast this cover with another “Helter Skelter” by yet another supergroup, The Dead Daisies, made up of an ever-changing line up with members from INXS, Guns & Roses, and Black Sabbath to name a few.

The Jaded Hearts Club – Gloria (Them cover)

An early member of the list of songs that teach us how to spell something, “Gloria” is a staple for bands and new musicians thanks to its simple three chord structure and relatively mild tune, range wise. Apparently even pros appreciate the simplicity. The Jaded Hearts Club add a call and response as they introduce their baby, but otherwise prepare a faithful cover.

The Jaded Hearts Club – Reach Out I’ll Be There (Four Tops cover)

Up until now, the covers chosen have fallen in the supergroup members’ rock wheelhouses, but in this cover they step outside of the genre box. Even with a little extra edge, this version maintains its jauntiness. This music video also feels like one you may make with your friends (tag yourself: I’m “tambourine in nature”).

The Jaded Hearts Club – Nobody But Me (The Isley Brothers cover)

Now that you know that The Jaded Hearts Club are capable of covering the Four Tops, the Isley Brothers doesn’t feel like too much of a stretch. Plus this song choice really leans into the cheesy cover band narrative (is “Shout!” next?), but in the best way. The back-and-forth vocals gives everyone a chance at the mic. The instrumental break in the middle is a real departure from the original before getting back to all of those “no no”s.

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