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30. They Might Be Giants – Havalina

Despite being a song about being chased by a wild boar, the original “Havalina” has been called “romantic.” This version changes that mood. An accordion opens, followed by some additional electropop sounds. Then the lighthearted sounds shift; the voices chanting “Havalina” are much deeper and sound a little sinister. – Sara Stoudt

29. Eskimo Joe – Hey

These days, veteran covers show “Like a Version” on Australia’s Triple J puts the band in a proper studio. But back in the day, bands used to have to cram a guitar and drums around the radio DJs’ interview desk. A challenging environment, but Aussie alt-rockers Eskimo Joe made it work on an enjoyably sassy run at “Hey.” Things came full circle last fall when one of their own songs got covered on the same show by Polaris…in the real studio. – Ray Padgett

28. La Malice – Where Is My Mind

There is a lot happening in this “Where Is My Mind” cover, but that’s part of its trippy charm. It starts out with a toy piano that matures into a jazz piano as the song continues. A bass groove drives the song rather than the electric guitar of the original. Dramatic, falsetto “whoa”s that appear throughout keep our minds spinning. – Sara Stoudt

27. Tanya Donnelly – Here Comes Your Man

If you thought the Pixies’ most poppy song couldn’t possibly get any poppier, you didn’t bargain on Tanya Donelly. She was always the most unashamedly melodic of the two songwriters in the Throwing Muses, who rose out of the Boston alt-rock scene with the Pixies in the late ’80s. Then, following her stint in the Breeders with errant Pixie Kim Deal, she brought increasingly rootsy arrangements to her shimmering tunes as a member of Belly and a solo artist. It’s fitting, therefore, that she recently chose to add some country-blues to a cover of the Pixies’ Doolittle classic, in order to raise money for the staff of much-loved Boston music venue Great Scott, after the pandemic closed its doors for good. – Adam Mason

26. The Witch and the Wizard – Velouria

“Velouria” is another Pixie-version of a pop song: crunchy, anthemic, idiosyncratic of lyric, with an added dose of theremin to further disorient and hypnotize. The Witch and The Wizard (Allison Kane and AJ McKinley) transform the weird and wooly love-lust theme into a skeletal lo-fi ballad of romantic wanting and worship. Kane’s vocal is soaringly gorgeous, as is McKinley’s ridiculously clever guitar instrumentation. “Shastasheen” indeed. – Hope Silverman

25. Glowbug – Where Is My Mind

In Glowbug’s electronic version of the Pixies standard, Daniel Anderson buries his vocals in waves of reverb and echo; he sounds “way out in the water” while the keyboards and glitchy hi-hats are way up in front. Despite the lack of guitars on this version, the original riff is loud and clear, feeling like a familiar tribute, but the vocals and drums give it a new sound. The blend of the old and new hit the sweet spot. – Mike Misch

24. The Siren Six – The Holiday Song

If “ska Pixies cover” sounds like blasphemy, you’re probably not going to like this. This is not some ironic twist on ska, or some post-modern deconstruction where skeptics can reassure themselves “It’s okay, they don’t really like ska music.” This is full-on ska, joyous and silly with guitar upstrokes and horn blasts ready for skanking. Pix it up! Pix it up! – Ray Padgett

23. Seafood – Levitate Me

Upon hearing “Levitate Me” for the first time, renowned producer Gil Norton said “it reminded me of Supertramp or something, but a punk version of it.” That observation was spot-on; Frank Black’s vocals do resemble a gloriously unhinged Roger Hodgson. UK band Seafood began in 1996 and kicked out 5 studio albums before announcing their official breakup in 2009. Their 2005 version of “Levitate Me” was part of the Pop Food label’s Tribute To The Pixies album from 2000. A beauteous elongated intro, some lovably sludgy guitar and David Line’s heated vocal make this one a firebreather of the first order. – Hope Silverman

22. Maxence Cyrin – Where Is My Mind

I discovered this cover song when it played in the season one finale of Mr. Robot, during a particularly heart-stopping plot reveal. Ever since, this beautiful piano cover has been a go-to for a relaxing evening. Although it has no vocals, the elegance in the piano’s voice creates an echo-y call and response with the melody and harmony. The piano smoothes the song, making it sound beautiful and haunting and notching up the melodic drama. – Ally McAlpine

21. Pete Yorn ft. Liz Phair – Here Comes Your Man

This one comes off Pete Yorn’s just-released cover album. It’s pretty faithful to the original, but the tone feels different. The original song is a bit biting with a taunting “here comes your man,” but this version is a bit more desolate (alas, here comes your man). Do I wish Liz Phair was a bit more prominent though? Yes! – Sara Stoudt

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  1. “Where is my mind” again, by La Boca Abierta

  2. Where Is My Mind by Nada Surf

  3. There’s this guy, recently passed away. Kind off famous. Did a cover of Cactus. Fidn’t see David Bowie’s name mentioned

  4. Alec Eiffel by Bunnies is one of the best Pixies cover ever.

  5. andrew mccubbin – gauge away

  6. Skeggs, here comes your Man

  7. Think Micahs cover beats them all, but we are a little biased.

  8. Larsen – Where is my mind?

  9. The Get Up Kids – Alec Eiffel


  10. Break my body by Hanne Hukkelberg…

  11. Loving that Kate Rogers cover!

  12. Great list!! This whole post is a great soundtrack to a rainy morning!

  13. I Bleed by PsychoTrópicos

  14. My favourite artists cover my favourite artists all the time but I’ve never heard of a single one of these 30 artists that covered my all time favourite, the Pixies. And I don’t remember the Pixies ever covering any of my favourites either. Very odd.

  15. Kristin Hersh – Wave of Mutilation

  16. There is some random dude out there named Matt or Michael who hires cover bands of artists to turn around and cover the Pixies.
    Think Frank Sinatra coverband covers Monkey gone to Heaven

    Maybe not the best, but damn good.

  17. Best cover by Oryl – let me know what you think, I believe it’s much better than the original : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTUU8Ya-lYk

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