Aug 242020

Some covers are more equal than others. Good, Better, Best looks at three covers and decides who takes home the gold, the silver, and the bronze.

Work from Home covers

Fifth Harmony followed in the footsteps of One Direction, getting their big break on The X Factor. In between their participation on the show and releasing their first EP, they recorded covers on YouTube, including participating in a volume of Boyce Avenue’s Cover Collaborations. They then went on to give us girl-power anthems like “Bo$$” and “Worth It” on their first full album.

This song was the lead single off Fifth Harmony’s second album, the last album with all five members. (After Fifth Harmony went on hiatus, Camila Cabello wasn’t the only member to go solo. Normani also had the “motivation” to go out on her own.) “Work From Home” became Fifth Harmony’s best charting single in the US and joined songs like The Pussycat Dolls “Buttons” as one of the few top-five songs from an all-female group in recent history (and complete with matching rapper accessories).

Now this song is back in our heads, taunting us as many of us are in fact working from home. These three covers span the range of emotions you may feel from your new workspace.

A piano cover by YouTuber ViEss is good.

Clean Bandit’s version featuring Louisa Johnson is better.

A metal version by a brother duo from Naro Studios is best.

ViEss – Work From Home (Fifth Harmony Cover)

When no words can describe your day, you need a nice instrumental cover to get you through. This rendition has all of the elements of the original’s sound and is performed with strength and confidence. Even Ty Dolla Sign’s rap part gets translated into a dainty piano line. This version has a slightly somber tone, but that mood change also adds an air of class to the aspects of the song that some may find scandalous.

Clean Bandit feat. Louisa Johnson – Work From Home (Fifth Harmony Cover)

The mellow string interlude is a little deceptive. This cover kicks into gear and becomes pump-up jam worthy with drum beats and electro-pop elements. Clean Bandit keeps the tempo up and brings the range of the five Fifth Harmony members all on her own. The strings keep up the distinctive beat with pizzicato. There is even a nice “Gotta Get Thru This” interlude to further inspire you.

Naro Studios – Work From Home (Fifth Harmony Cover)

This cover’s energy may be the most relatable. It has some “Misery Business” ambiance in the beginning and changes up the background beat to match the cover’s initial pop-punk approach. The first half of the song stops short of heavy metal screaming (feel free to do that on your own), but then when Ty Dolla Sign would be changing the song up in the original, we are hit with some full on doomsday metal growls that further escalate the intensity. This metal interpretation doesn’t feel overdone and is a testament to the versatility of a Fifth Harmony bop.

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