Sep 032019
partner cover rush

The 2010 Rush documentary Beyond The Lighted Stage has a strange effect on all those who witness it. No matter what one thought of Rush and their music before viewing it, you would have to be some kind monster to hate them afterward. Their heartfelt bond with one another, self awareness about their effect on men (check out their cameo in 2009’s I Love You Man), as well as, of course, their virtuosic musicianship, proves riotously lovable on screen. As a result, people who have never been “into” Rush before have come away liking them, or at the very least wanting to like them.

As it turns out, acclaimed Canadian band Partner are no different – except that after seeing the film, they were able to do something to express their newfound Rush appreciation to the world. Commissioned by the Polaris Music Prize in partnership with SiriusXM Canada and released on vinyl, they’ve offered up an utterly joyful version of Rush’s 1981 classic, “Limelight.” And it’s a celebration in every way: unapologetically worshipful, a little high, and totally fun.

Partner’s debut album, 2017’s In Search Of Lost Time , as well as their latest EP Saturday the 14th are both full of ridiculously melodic life observations and are absolutely worth your time.

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