Jun 212018
love canon enjoy the silence

Bluegrass is a genre big on covers, with any fiddler worth his strings able to whip out old mountain songs, folk traditionals, and anything Bill Monroe or John Hartford ever wrote. On their upcoming album Cover Story, though, Charlottesville bluegrass quintet Love Canon take on more novel source material: pop hits of the 1980s. In fact, they gravitated towards the least acoustic sounds around, pickin’ through electronic dance songs by the likes of Mr. Mister, Peter Gabriel, and the song we’re premiering below: Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence.” And we thought last year’s bluegrass Radiohead cover was inventive!

“We were going for a very epic, cinematic approach to this tune,” Love Canon frontman Jesse Harper says. “Trey Pollard of Richmond VA’s Spacebomb studios brought it into focus at the end with his soaring string arrangement. I think this is a great example of using acoustic instruments to imitate the ambient electronic processed sounds that were frequently used in 80’s and 90’s pop production to achieve a slightly different but yet somehow similar sonic effect.”

Listen to Love Canon’s “Enjoy the Silence” exclusively below.

‘Cover Story’ comes out July 13. Pre-order it here. Full track list and guests below.

Cover Story Track Listing:
1. Prelude (Angry Young Man) 2:22 [Billy Joel]
2. Things Can Only Get Better 5:01 [Howard Jones]
3. Kyrie Eleison 4:13 [Steven Park, John R Lang, Richard J Page]
4. Graceland 5:56 [Paul Simon]
5. Islands In The Stream 4:04 [Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb, Robin Gibb]
6. Enjoy The Silence 5:09 [Martin L Gore]
7. Solsbury Hill / Icecaps Of Pentatonia – Medley 5:29 [Peter Gabriel]
8. Tempted 5:21 [Christopher H Difford, Glenn M Tilbrook]
9. Driver 8 6:37 [Peter Buck, Bill Berry]

Jesse Harper – Guitar, Lead Vocals
Adam Larrabee – Banjo, Vocals
Andy Thacker – Mandolin, Vocals
Darrell Muller – Standup Bass, Vocals
Jay Starling – Resonator Guitar, Vocals

Guest Artists:
Alex Hargreaves – Fiddle – 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8
Sam Wilson – Backing Vocals – 2
Jerry Douglas – Dobro – 3Mike Barnett – Fiddle – 3, 9
Michael Cleveland – Fiddle – 4
Aoife O’Donovan – Vocals – 4
John D’earth – Trumpet – 5
Bobby Read – Tenor Sax – 5
Lauren Balthrop – Vocals – 5
Trey Pollard – String Arrangement – 6
Colin Killalea – Nylon String Guitar and Backing Vocals – 6
Mark Erelli – Lead Vocals – 7
Erik Krasno – Lead and Backing Vocals and Electric Guitar Solo – 8
Daniel Clarke – Wurlitzer Piano – 7
Keller Williams – Lead Vocals – 9

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