Feb 202018
conversing with oceans

Who can forget the video of the haunting song “Wicked Game” from rockabilly Chris Isaak? The 1990 video with the slow-motion beach scenes won several awards, and “Wicked Game” got a big commercial boost as well from the David Lynch movie Wild at Heart. Many artists have covered this favorite about obsessive love; we’ve written about some at Cover Me. Conversing with Oceans gives it a go this time.

Conversing with Oceans is the solo project of Alex Bondarev, who moonlights as a dentist. After leaving Chechnya as a refugee, with a stop in India, Bondarev landed in the Bronx. His original music has a positive theme, perhaps a nod to his refugee state of mind. This indie artist has kept the ball moving forward by playing with friends, being at SXSW and working with John Forte from the Fugees.

This cover of “Wicked Game” has been updated to be more inviting to today’s chillout genre. I can image a group of kids at festival at 3am slowing their roll and getting the chills taking in this beautiful song by Conversing with Oceans. Where Isaak has a guitar backdrop to his crooning voice, Bondarev provides a different sound with a melodic piano and less focus on the voice.  This different twist produces an all-inclusive sound instead of the distinct guitar and voice sound of the original. 

Conversing with Oceans relaxing interpretation takes Wicked Game in an updated direction where you get the familiarly of the original along with mellow electronic music. Listen below.

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