Nov 012017
slothrust covers

It’s been a minute since Slothrust was last featured at Cover Me: three and a half years to be exact. But the bluesy trio is back on our radar with a new EP of cover songs, spearheaded (pun intended) by their excellent version of Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time”.

As we mentioned in our post on Slothrust’s version of Black Sabbath’s “Electric Funeral”, the influences and song stylings of the band run the gamut, and the tracklist of the forthcoming EP Show Me How You Want It To Be reflects that. From Sabbath to Spears, Marcy Playground to Al Green, there’s not much of a theme to the album. But if all the songs are as solid as “Baby One More Time”, the theme might just be “great covers”.

The Spears cover starts with a deceptively simple rendition of the opening riff before transforming into a groovy blues shuffle. Lead singer/guitarist Leah Wellbaum’s echoing vocals are punctuated by her ringing guitars and Kyle Bann’s stabbing bass notes. It’s a strong formula, but there are a couple of instrumental breaks that really take the tune to the next level; near the end of the song Will Gorin pounds the drums while Wellbaum unleashes a driving guitar solo that really brings it all home. Check it out below and look for the new album November 10th.

Check out more from Slothrust at their website and pre-order their EP here

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  1. It´s a nice cover, thanks for making me aware of it!

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