Apr 172017

Eddie Veder and Brandi Carlile are two artists that just exude cool. Whether they are banging out a heavy rock song or waxing poetic with a melancholic ballad, the result is always something heartfelt and musically satisfying.

It stands to reason that Pearl Jam would be among a very solid lineup of talent covering Carlile’s 10-year old album The Story for charity tribute album Cover Stories. On the heels of their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Pearl Jam shows no sign of slowing as they continue to produce fantastic music such as their new version of “Again Today”.

Carlile herself lends backing vocals to this boisterous rendition of a very introspective and slow song. A nice full band sound with a head bopping beat are a complete juxtaposition to the original with it’s ethereal vibe and simple clear vocals from Carlile. Both versions work beautifully for what they are.

Carlile’s upcoming tribute album entitled Cover Stories: Brandi Carlile Celebrates 10 Years of The Story-An Album to Benefit War Child will donate all proceeds of the album sales to War Child UK. In addition to Pearl Jam, the star Cover Stories lineup includes Adele, the Avett Brothers, Kris Kristofferson, and an excellent take on “The Story” by Dolly Parton.

Parton gives “The Story” a sweet, country vibe with her vocals. Simple, but emotion filled. The guitar and strings are absolutely perfect accompanying Parton. If these two tracks are indicative of the rest of the album, we are in for a real treat. The album comes out May 5th.

PS. Here’s a live video of Adele covering Carlile’s “Hiding My Heart.” A studio version, first released as a 19 bonus track, will also be on Cover Stories.

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