Oct 062016

After years as a critical punching bag, Britney Spears has finally been embraced (or at worst begrudgingly accepted) by the cool kids. We’re seeing a lot more Britney covers from the indie world than we used to, and her hits are well-built enough to hold up under a wide variety of interpretations. The latest killer Britney cover comes from San Fermin singer Charlene Kaye, who makes “Oops!…I Did It Again” a whole lot darker.

Kaye is a woman of wide-ranging influences. She remade a Weezer video for her latest single, cites everyone from Nine Inch Nails to Fergie as influences, and used to play Slash in an all-female Guns n Roses cover band. For the past few years she’s been singing in art-pop collective San Fermin, but has returned to her solo career while they take a break from the road. Recent EP Honey earned her features from NPR and Nylon, and her latest song is this Britney Spears cover – though it’s one she didn’t really intend to create.

“This started out as a dark, moody track I made on tour that I had been trying to write a top line to for a while, but had the hardest time finding one I liked,” she tells us. “As a joke I started singing ‘Oops, I did it again’ over it and turns out, that fit perfectly. Maybe my 13-year old self is always channeling Britney whether I like it or not.”

KAYE Tour Dates:
11/28: Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall^
11/30: Philadelphia, PA – The Foundry^
12/1: Albany, NY – Lucky Strike Social^
12/2: Toronto, ON – The Garrison*
12/3: Columbus, OH – The Basement*

^ with The Moth and the Flame and 888
* with The Moth and the Flame

Check out more from KAYE at her website or Facebook.

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  1. nice cover! i dont think i ever heard anything from this band. i will check her out.

  2. This song was first recorded by Louis Armstrong in 1932!!!!!!!!!!! Britney covered it!

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