Aug 292016

Though you may not know the name Rose Melberg, she pioneered the sort of indiepop brought to a wider audience by bands like The Magnetic Fields and Belle and Sebastian. Both solo and with her many bands (among them: Tiger Trap, The Softies, Gaze, Gigi, Brave Irene, Imaginary Pants), she helped pioneer the style of music sometimes called twee: short, super-melodic songs indebted to early ’50s rock and pop. And next month, February Records is releasing the album Constant and True: A Tribute to the Songs of Rose Melberg where like-minded bands cover 21 of her best songs. Even if you don’t know her name, anyone who like catchy, offkilter pop music will find a lot to dig into here.

The first cover to be released is by longtime Burlington collective The Smittens, who tackle the Go Sailor song “Together Forever In Love.” Their boy-girl duet arrangement is very much in the early Magnetic Fields mold, finding a perfect marriage between band and song selection. As with much of their own material, one listen will get it stuck in your head. Check it out below.

Preorder ‘Constant and True: A Tribute to the Songs of Rose Melberg’ at Bandcamp and hear the Smittens’ own material at Soundcloud.

‘Constant and True: A Tribute to the Songs of Rose Melberg’ Tracklist:
1. The Hermit Crabs – Wonderful
2. The Prams – No Fun
3. Featherfin (feat. Deerful) – Old Days
4. Bodyheat – Moon Singer
5. Emma Kupa – You And Only You
6. Saturday Looks Good To Me – Winter Pageant
7. Marc Elston – The Best Days
8. LAKE – Tracks And Tunnels
9. Fireflies – Selfish
10. The Smittens – Together Forever in Love
11. John Girgus and The Legendary House Cats – Hello Rain
12. The Royal Landscaping Society – I Love You More
13. Gabardine – It’s Love
14. Boyracer – Alaska
15. Band á Part – Long Distance
16. Seapony – He’ll Never Have to Know
17. The Very Most (feat. Sarah Robostein) – C.K.M.
18. Tomiji – Fine Day For Sailing
19. Tangible Excitement – Puzzle Pieces
20. Transmittens – Words And Smiles
21. Rocketship – My Broken Heart

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