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Last year, not long after Bob Dylan released his Frank Sinatra covers album Shadows in the Night, he began adding additional Sinatra-sung songs to his setlists: “All or Nothing At All,” “Come Rain or Come Shine,” and “Melancholy Mood”. We wrote – jokingly – that Shadows Volume 2 may be closer than you think.” Well wouldn’t you know it… Six months later, he did indeed announce a second album of Sinatra covers, and all those new songs were on it. That second album Fallen Angels is now out (here’s our review) and, once again, he’s since added a new Sinatra song to his setlist. Does this mean we can expect a third album of Sinatra songs?

The new song this time is “I Could Have Told You,” a single Sinatra released in the mid-’50s, which you can hear below. If you’ve heard the first two albums, you know what to expect: Bob sings the hell out of this one over a tasteful jazz backing. Couple this with the remaining rumored recordings from the earlier Sinatra sessions, including “Didn’t He Ramble” and “Stormy Weather,” and it might be time to start thinking of what other songs you’d want to see on a Bob Sings Frank III album. If the past is a guide, we might have it before long.

Update 1/31/17: We called it.

Buy ‘Shadows in the Night’ and ‘Fallen Angels’.

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  1. FYI, I LOVE Dylan, but Jesus Christ, enough already! Where is the “Bootleg Series” official release of “Blood On The Tracks”, or an an album of new originals? Frankly we need another album of Dylan’s Sinatra covers like I need another hole in my a–

    • I just put up Tempest and feel the goosebumps… or return to whatever masterpiece left in his great catalogue… and bid him a respectful adieu on his farewell moves into nostalgia… Yet I miss the thrill yes of thinking of another shot in the dark of the bard… It’s time maybe we stop hoping… Could he surprise once more? His Sinatra act was no surprise to me, not even on the first time, just a logical progression, which did seem charming at first but doesn’t touch my heart…

  2. Judging by the video the crooning works a little more in a live setting, surely when coupled with the originals, but I would never go the a concert where everybody walks around pointlessly like shown here. Is it because of the Sinatra stuff everybody looks disinterested though?

  3. I hope not. I really enjoyed his early Americana work on Self Portrait/Another Self Portrait and the albums of old folk standards he did with Good As I Been To You and World Gone Wrong, but these Sinatra jazz-inflected albums just don’t do anything for me. I’m glad he’s still going, I just wish his muse would change.

  4. Down in front, dude!

  5. Sounds great, but these audience assholes need to shut up and sit down.

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