May 182016

[School of Rock, deleted scene #17]

Dewey Finn: Katie, what was that thing you were playing today, that big thing?

Katie: Cello?

Dewey: Ok. And what kind of music do you play on a callo?

Katie: Cello.

Dewey: Whatever.

Katie: Classical music?

Dewey: Ok! [Dewey fumbles in his backpack for his copy of Master of Puppets] Do you know what this is?

Katie: A CD?

Dewey: Ha! Clever girl. No Katie, the band! Metallica! Heavy Metal! Do you not read! Does this not mean anything to you!? [both give blank stares] Well, pretty much classical music and heavy metal are a lot alike. Both share similar songwriting patterns and melodic layering. Listen to Trans-Siberian Orchestra or any Eddie Van Halen solo and you’ll get what I mean. [Dewey fumbles for his Apocalyptica CD] And this is Apocalyptica. They’re a bunch of awesome Finnish cello metalists who rock out hardcore, but with cellos!

Katie. Oh. Cool.

Dewey: So you just add some distortion and a wah-wah pedal or two and CELLO, you got this hardcore cover of “Battery” that’s really intricate and insane!

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  1. I was just thinking… didn’t this album come out like twenty years ago?

    Then, yes, apparently it did. They added this track (and two others) on to a 20th anniversary remaster. I feel old.

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