Nov 182015

Last year, the North Carolina band Lost in the Trees announced an indefinite hiatus (and it sounds like it’s permanent). But before they went their separate ways (well before in fact), they recorded a majestic cover of the Beatles’ “And Your Bird Can Sing.” We’re proud to premiere it below.

The song comes off an exciting set of Beatles cover albums coming out this Friday on Reimagine Music, a covers-only label that has released great tributes to Bob Dylan, Uncle Tupelo, the Rolling Stones, Jack Kerouac, and more. And they’ve gone all out to honor the Fab Four, releasing not one but three Beatles tribute albums all in one go: song-by-song tributes to Rubber Soul and Revolver, plus a more unusual tribute to songs the Beatles wrote but never released themselves.

With its unexpected string arrangements and Ari Picker’s wordless hollers, “And Your Bird Can Sing” is Lost in the Trees at their best. It was recorded way back in 2010, but just seeing the light of day now. If this is indeed the last song we ever hear from them, it’s a great way to go out.

Preorder the ‘Rubber Soul’ tribute here, the ‘Revolver’ tribute here, and the ‘Lost Songs of the Beatles’ tribute here.

Looking Through You: A 50th Anniversary Tribute to The Beatles’ Rubber Soul
1. Bombadil “Drive My Car”
2. The David Mayfield Parade “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)”
3. So Many Wizards “You Won’t See Me”
4. The Pride of Erie PA “Nowhere Man”
5. Admirals “Think for Yourself”
6. Woodpigeon “The Word”
7. Cereus Bright “Michelle”
8. Tyler Lyle “What Goes On”
9. The Blackwater Fever “Girl”
10. Swear and Shake “I’m Looking Through You”
11. Blessed Feathers “In My Life”
12. The Daydream Club “Wait”
13. The Love Language “If I Needed Someone”
14. Olin & The Moon “Run for Your Life”
15. Nemes “Day Tripper”
16. Kid In The Attic “Girl”
17. The Kirkendall Gang “The Word”

Tomorrow Never Knows: A 50th Anniversary Tribute to The Beatles Revolver
1. Jake Mann and the Upper Hand “Tax Man”
2. The Owls “Eleanor Rigby”
3. Shawn Mullins “I’m Only Sleeping”
4. Glider “Love You To”
5. Bjorn Baillie and Simon Baillie “Here, There and Everywhere”
6. Nellie McKay “Yellow Submarine”
7. Everest “She Said She Said”
8. Headlights “Good Day Sunshine”
9. Lost In the Trees “And Your Bird Can Sing”
10. Tapes ’n’ Tapes “For No One”
11. Sarah Borges & The Broken Singles “Doctor Robert”
12. Jennifer O’Connor “I Want To Tell You”
13. Brian Wright “Got To Get You Into My Life”
14. The M’s “Tomorrow Never Knows”

Frankie Siragusa Plays: Goodbye My Love – Lost Songs of The Beatles Covered and Rediscovered
Special guests: Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, R.E.M., Big Star), Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. (Jellyfish, Beck), and Keith Slettedahl (The 88, Ray Davies Band)
1. Thingumybob
2. I’m In Love
3. I’ll Be On My Way
4. Bad To Me
5. It’s For You
6. Woman
7. I’ll Keep You Satisfied
8. Like Dreamers Do
9. Sour Milk Sea
10. I Don’t Want To See You Again
11. Goodbye
12. Penina

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