Jul 152013

Have you heard? Daft Punk put out a new album this summer! It’s even got a pretty catchy single; maybe you’ve heard it? “Get Lucky”? Featuring Pharrell?

Ok, yeah, you’ve probably heard it a million times at this point, and a ton of covers along with it. Well, get ready, because we’ve got two more great versions to add to our previous five best.

The first comes from down under, by an Australian group called San Cisco, playing live on triple j. I can sum up what makes this cover work in one word: bongos. Lead singer Jordi Davieson’s singing is pleasant (the falsetto gets a little shaky in the middle, but he kills it in the outro), Nick Garner’s bass keeps it bouncing and Josh Biondillo’s spacey guitar work is admirable. But Scarlett Stevens’ interludes on the bongos give this version a cool freshness, especially in contrast with her drum kit, sounding for all the world like someone banging on a trash can (in a good way). The addition of some lyrics from N.E.R.D.‘s “Hypnotize U” is a nice bonus, too. Check it out below.

The next cover comes from Cover Me veterans Miracles of Modern Science. As a band who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, it’s no surprise that they have some fun with this one. After a nice little string-filled intro, their ensemble shouting sets the tone. They, too, have some issues with the falsetto portions, lending some credibility to Pharrell’s skills, but Evan Younger’s double bass and vocals keep this one on track. And check out that screeching violin/cello thing going on in the second verse for a very unique touch. Watch below.

Check out more from San Cisco on Facebook and more Miracles of Modern Science can be heard over on their website.

And really? You still don’t own ‘Random Access Memories’ yet? Grab it on iTunes or Amazon.

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