May 202013

Best (So Far) finds the finest first-round covers of the latest pop hits.

After Saturday Night Live ad teasers, cell phone captures of Coachella videos, and endless interviews with the album’s collaborators – including the pizza guyDaft Punk‘s Random Access Memories has finally arrived. An with it, hundreds of covers of the album’s first single “Get Lucky.”

We already heard Daughter’s mesmerizing take. Now here are our five other favorites to date.

Hank and Cupcakes
By flipping the melody a bit and adding cranking up the kick drum, Hank and Cupcakes make a more club-friendly version that sounds like what some Daft Punk fans probably wish the original had sounded like.

Gavin James
Among the many acoustic versions on YouTube, Gavin James’ leaps out due to his folky finger-picking and melting falsetto. This deserves to go every bit as viral as that early “Hey Ya” cover did.

The Struts
Rocking Julian Casablancas’ hair, Ric Ocasek’s glasses, and Steven Tyler’s mouth, Struts singer Luke Spiller is clearly a student of rock history. Perfect, then, for them to honor a song that includes just as many nods to the past.

Atlas Genius
Keith Jeffery’s soaring and soulful vocals bring as much soul as folk to this acoustic cover, performed on the Dutch radio show GielFM.

I’ve long maintained that there has never been a bad band to come out of Iceland, and Ylja adds another point to my argument. Fans of First Aid Kit should take note of these women’s vocals.

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  1. i absolutely love the gavin james cover — definitely getting me even more pumped for the album to drop on 5.21. i’ve been listening to remixes/covers and the album stream on itunes on repeat!

  2. Hey this is a cool and creative spin on Daft Punk’s Get Lucky!! Check it out!!

  3. George Barnett’s version blows all these away and maybe even Daft Punk’s version.

  4. Hi, i’ve paid my dues to the Get lucky cover in a “never yet done” way
    check it out on

    and if you like, please share

    Xavier Quérou

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