Sep 122012

Real talk: Lana del Rey isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The 1960s-Americana inspired singer has an upcoming fall campaign with fashion powerhouse H&M and has even mentioned that she is branching into screenwriting. Hate all you want, but the girl is here to stay. Further proof of this are the flood of Lana Del Rey covers that have come in over the past year since she hit superstardom. Today, we have the pleasure of sharing Patrick Wolf‘s lush take on “Born to Die” and Jukebox The Ghost‘s rendition of “Blue Jeans.”

In support of his new album, “Sundark and Riverlight” (which, oddly enough, is a covers album in a way; it is comprised of reworkings of his own old material), Patrick Wolf released a cover of “Born To Die” on the Dermot O’Leary radio show. For fans of Wolf, it is nothing less than you would expect from the singer-songwriter. His melancholic vocals over lush orchestral stylings make the song entirely his own.

Jukebox The Ghost made the stop at Chicago’s A.V. Club to perform for the 2012 Undercover List.  The A.V. Club was concerned that del Rey’s “Blue Jeans” wouldn’t be covered before her 15 minutes of fame was up; obviously, this wasn’t a problem with Jukebox The Ghost played her hit “Blue Jeans.”  Although the band itself seems to have mixed feelings on Lana del Rey and her overall concept, they could not deny what was in actuality a really lovely pop song. Their rendition is stripped, making del Rey’s songwriting abilities even more visible.

Patrick Wolf – Born To Die (Lana del Rey cover)

Jukebox The Ghost – Blue Jeans (Lana Del Rey Cover)

Be sure to check out both Patrick Wolf‘s and Jukebox The Ghost‘s official websites.

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  1. The Jukebox the Ghost cover is of Blue Jeans, not Video Games. Great cover regardless.

  2. Oh my! That is embarrassing on my part. So many Lana Del Rey covers, so little time. Thanks, Grigri, this has been fixed!

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