Jul 302012

Upon learning about The Darkness covering Radiohead’s “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” from The Bends, one thing immediately came to mind: two genres that have no business being anywhere near each other. Let’s look at the parts. On one side there’s Radiohead, appealing to the abstract doom-and-gloom in us all as we battle our objections to capitalism and think about dying. Completely contrary to that is The Darkness. (You do remember them, right? They believe in a thing called love. And they’re releasing a comeback album.) They’re primarily about having fun, most likely never once thinking about globalization. And, usually, never the twain shall meet.

Until now! There’s really nothing complex about this cover. All you have to do is imagine what Radiohead would be like if they were a heavy metal/hair metal band. It’s hilarious. But most covers do try to retain a characteristic of the original, and just like when Thom Yorke sings, you won’t understand a majority of what Justin Hawkins is saying either, except instead of mumbling, there’s just high-pitched wailing. Listen below. (via Pitchfork)

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  1. Thom Yorke sings VERY clearly, thank you very much! You just need to clear the wax out of your ears and listen. Also, they don’t even get the lyrics right in this cover. FAIL.

  2. Such a great cover! This makes me really excited to hear the rest of the album. I also like that song ‘Everybody Have A Good Time’… the video is HILARIOUS! The video is up on their website if you haven’t seen it theactualdarknessDOTcom

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