Jun 062012

A little less than a year ago, we over here at Cover Me couldn’t help but gush over Catherine A.D.’s delicate, weep-inducing take on Bon Iver‘s “The Wolves (Act I and II).” Since then, Cover Me has stalked her page and covered five of her covers. Needless to say we’re fans and couldn’t be more excited for her next covers release. Between finishing up at university and her debut full length album that’s due out this winter, Catherine A.D. found some time to put together all of her reworkings and covers for her album Reprise.

Although the album isn’t available for purchase until the 25th, it has been conveniently posted on Catherine’s bandcamp for your listening pleasure. The eleven tracks are not separated, but do not fret! Each cover blends seamlessly into the other. If you never thought you’d hear Hurts‘ “Better Than Love” melt right into Sleigh Bells‘ “Run The Heart,” take 38 minutes and listen to this dreamy one-woman band. If you’re a little short on time, check out the tracklisting below and attempt to skip to your favorite:

1. Better Than Love (Hurts)
2. Run The Heart (Sleigh Bells)
3. Paris (Friendly Fires)
4. The Wolves (Act I and II) (Bon Iver)
5. I Have Never Loved Someone (My Brightest Diamond)
6. Landslide (Fleetwood Mac)
7. He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss) (The Crystals)
8. The Book Of Love (The Magnetic Fields)
9. Black Eyed Dog (Nick Drake)
10. Wild is the Wind (Nina Simone)
11. Baby Can I Hold You (Tracy Chapman)

If you liked any or all of these covers, go to Catherine A.D.’s Bandcamp for some of her original work. ‘Reprise’ will be available June 25th from 

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