May 232012

Remember when MTV used to play videos? Probably not. Music videos have moved to the realm of the internet, with most playing on YouTube just as videos used to play on MTV. Very few groups, however, have taken advantage of the interactive qualities of online video. A couple notable cutting edge videos were MGMT’s video for “Electric Feel,” which allowed for 625 to the 229th power user generated versions of the video, and the Arcade Fire’s HTML5 epic “We Used to Wait,” which pulled images from users’ hometowns to supplement the video. London duo Paper Crows released their cover of Smashing Pumpkins‘ “Disarm” in January, and now they’ve included it in an interactive video that continues to push the genre.

The electro-pop duo recently released an EP called Build, and if you’d like to preview all four of the songs you can. Would you like to hear them all at the same time? The band is cool with that, too. Using four separate YouTube videos Paper Crows have crafted a multipanel music video that syncs up with all of the songs on the EP, with the audio for each song activated by rolling over one of the four panels. The bottom left panel features the heavy, string laden version of the Pumpkins’ classic. Emma Panas’ and Duncan McDougall’s voices mesh nicely over understated distorted guitars and booming drums. The artistic presentation aside, the song works well on its own. You can watch the slightly disorienting video for “Disarm” below, but head to the interactive video for full effect.

Paper Crows – Disarm (Smashing Pumpkins cover)

Check out more from Paper Crows at their website.

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