Apr 262012

One can never know what kind of covers to expect from the band YACHT, nor can we predict what direction they’ll go in. That isn’t such a bad thing, though; half of the beauty of writing and reading about music is that, every so often, something will come entirely out of left field in ways that you can’t even understand.

Literally, in this case, for most of us, as the latest from YACHT is in French. It’s not so strange given the fact that French is the native language of vocalist Claire Evans, and even less strange when taking into account the fact that the source material is a classic of the French avant-garde. The song is “Le Goudron”; the artist is Brigitte Fontaine, whom YACHT describe on their website as “a flipped-out weirdo genius.”

Listening to the original is undoubtedly an experience, a mishmash of jazz and blues and mostly incomprehensible lyrics for those of us who are a bit dusty on our Français. The cover maintains the feel perfectly, somehow, while breaking out a full-on electro dance number. It’s an inexplicable and incomprehensible thing, even if you do understand the lyrics (which translate, in the chorus, to time is a boat and the world is a cake). It’s because of, not despite, the weirdo genius of the song that it succeeds, and YACHT embraces that to the fullest. Enjoy.

YACHT – Le Goudron (Brigitte Fontaine Cover)

Check out more from YACHT at their website.

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  1. Don’t worry, I’m French, I love Brigitte Fontaine, but I never claimed I did understand her songs; and there’s a word for that: surrealistic… in the true and plain sense :-D
    And I think this cover is perfect!

  2. Fantastic! Glad the cover is just as good for listeners who can understand the lyrics!

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