Mar 062012

Last month, Richard McGraw released his Popular Music covers record. His mournful ballads took on all comers, from the Who to Lady Gaga, Leonard Cohen to Eddie Murphy. The only genre not covered: ’80s San Francisco hardcore. He remedies that not-so-glaring omission on a new bonus cover of Dead Kennedys‘ “California Über Alles,” which we’re pleased to premiere below.

In McGraw’s gentle delivery, the lyrics are more wistful lament than fiery screed. You could put this one on for a slow dance, as long as your date can ignore the lines about serpents’ eggs hatching. Download it below, then pick up the full Popular Music record at Bandcamp.

Check out more Richard McGraw at his website.

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  23 Responses to “Richard McGraw Slow Dances on Dead Kennedys’ “California Uber Alles” (Cover Me Premiere)”

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  2. Great Album! Can’t get enough of Richard McGraw’s music. Just discovered his previous original albums and they are spectacular too. I am so glad I just discovered him.

  3. Hope Jello Biafra gets 100 thousand dollars for this… Cause this is making me sick. :/

  4. FAIL!

  5. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, somebody PLEASE give this man his balls back!!

    Do emergeny rooms have rape-kits for your ears? Should I not listen to something else in hopes of washing away the horrific memory of what I just experienced?


  7. This is sooooooo bad.

  8. I HATE YOU!

  9. puked in my mouth a lil.

  10. Awesome. I can only imagine the ‘haters’ posting on here are the collection of dumb assed ‘punks’ that think punk is having a mohawk or sponging from the state. Get a grip dick heads. The lyrics are the same, the sentiment is the same, the irony is the same. The only difference seems to be the biggots and clowns that claim to be supporters of all things ‘punk’!

  11. This is just bad music.

  12. I love it, love it! It’s awesome!!!

  13. I love this. Amazing.

  14. Pretentious punk rockers are what its all about. Good music sucks. Sucko fuckos. Jello deserves money from the band he started, not from a cover. You guys have no idea what the Dead Kennedys were ever about. I wish I started listening to DK last year too.

  15. fuck the haters. props to someone for doing a cover and truly making it their own. gorgeous version…

  16. Nice. Surprising interpretation. Seems to have offended the 13-year-old virgins.

  17. I think I may have just fell in love with this McGraw guy. I grew up listening to DK. The original version rocked my teenage world. But this version wooed my soul.

  18. Sorry…this sucks. I’m not arguing what punk is or isn’t. This is just awful.

  19. strange, but a 1000 times better as what have Nouvelle Vague done with Too drunk too fuck – this was really a crime!

  20. SHINEY. I am not sure, but I think that you may be stupid. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say maybe. This song is drivel. I have been a punk for 30 years now and do not have a mohawk nor do I sponge from anyone. Some of us are typical looking now and work very hard every day. We are proud to be self supportive, family people, and Americans. Punk is not dead, but it sure looks and smells that way these days.

  21. ick……. that’s disgusting, even after a felt 1000 years, do not allow to cover the original

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