Feb 012012

Quickies rounds up new can’t-miss covers. Download ‘em below.

Grouper hasn’t released a proper record since 2008’s acclaimed Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill, but Liz Harris shows she’s still got her ambient chops with the Dead Moon cover. Harris spaces out on this blissful, hazy slow jam and makes us want the next album even more.
MP3: Grouper – Demona (Dead Moon cover)

The Weeknd’s last mixtape included a knockout Michael Jackson cover, so it’s only fitting we hear another Weeknd cover so soon after. Dream pop quintet Saskatchewan (who are from Orlando) gets their R&B on with some funky sex pop.
MP3: Saskatchewan – The Morning (The Weeknd cover)

Lightouts know how to do an indie-heritage cover. We’ve heard the Brooklyn duo tackle the Stone Roses, the La’s, and LCD Soundsystem, and they keep the string going on this new wave-y Guided By Voices cover.
MP3: Lightouts – The Official Ironmen Rally Song (Guided By Voices cover)

We usually only get “The Witch” covers on Halloween, but the Ex-Girlfriends Club make it perfect for angry, Stooges-style sass year-round.
MP3: The Ex-Girlfriends Club – The Witch (The Sonics cover)

After Radiohead cover a song, you might think most everyone else would avoid it. Not Brooklyn duo Beacon, though, who bring a twitchy electronic vibe to Portishead’s “The Rip.” Radiohead’s cover was actually acoustic, but if they’d done the song on King of Limbs, it might well have sounded like this.
MP3: Beacon – The Rip (Portishead cover)

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