Jan 122012

When choosing a song to cover for a recent “Pop Cultures Collide” session, Their Ocean’s Keith Kreuser explained that they simply wanted “something that had lyrics that didn’t suck and that we could possibly update a little.” Using these criteria, they settled on one of the most legendary pop songs of the ’80s, “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel. Applying their own electronic style to the cover, Kreuser says they approached the track “as if we were underwater in a spaceship filled with peanut butter.”

This colorful description concisely explains the main features of this creative re-interpretation. The spaceship metaphor applies to the droning electronic foundation of the track and auto-tune-effected vocals, which shift from subtle to full-on T-Pain at different points in the song. The underwater setting relates to the general hazy atmosphere on the whole cover, with its soft percussion and layered harmonic elements. The sludgy, relaxed tempo rounds out the set of similes, sounding very much like a machine greased with creamy peanut butter. Its definitely a different take on the classic track, but in a way that preserves all the essential emotional qualities of Gabriel’s timeless composition. Stream and download it below. (via Syffal)

Their Ocean – In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel cover)

Check out more from Their Ocean on their website.

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  4 Responses to “Their Ocean Take “In Your Eyes” Into Outer Space”

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  1. Really cool track – thanks for sharing!


  3. Sorry man, this is pretty bad. If you can’t sing then don’t sing. Don’t attempt to fool us with auto tune. Besides Jay Z killed autotune like 2to years ago. Nno thanks:)

  4. These guys can sing…they’re just using melodyne as an instrument ala James Blake or Bon Iver who both are also accomplished singers. Check the rest of they’re music on Itunes before you go mouthing off…

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