Jan 252012

Back in November we introduced you to the Miracles of Modern Science when they covered Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks.” Well, they’re back with a new video, and it’s delightful. Justin Vernon’s Bon Iver is up for Best New Artist at the Grammys this year (despite the fact that his debut came out in 2008) and despite the new directions 2011’s Bon Iver, Bon Iver took the “band,” the core of his style remains: chilly choruses of his own voice.

The Miracles of Modern Science have replicated that sound in their cover of Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name,” titling it Bon Joviver. The video is only a minute in length, but it brings up so many questions. Does it cheapen Bon Iver’s “brand” by pointing out that five voices and finger-plucked guitar can make anything sound like Bon Iver? Does it poke fun at Bon Jovi by “hipster-ing” it up? Or is it just one minute of incredible music? Ignore the (hopefully) ironic video and tongue-in-cheek name, and what you’re left with is a truly beautiful sound. You might get a smile out of the name or the candles, but you will probably hit repeat because Miracles of Modern Science leave you wanting more. I see a demand for a whole album of Bon Joviver. Check out the teaser below.

Miracles of Modern Science – You Give Love a Bad Name (Bon Jovi cover)


More Miracles of Modern Science can be heard over on its website.

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