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Best (So Far) finds the finest first-round covers of the latest pop hits.

Since its release this past September, Rihanna’s “We Found Love” has become a bonafide hit. With the help of Scottish DJ and singer Calvin Harris, the massively successful Barbadian-born pop star dropped this addictive dance track as the lead single off her most recent album, Talk That Talk. “We Found Love” soon skyrocketed to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, clinching the spot for nearly 9 weeks.

And it’s pretty easy to see — or hear, rather — why this song is so damn catchy. From the quick-tempoed up-and-down tones of its first few seconds to the electronic swell before its explosive fist-pump-worthy chorus, the track has a boundless energy that carries you all the way to the end. And what vocals we do hear from Rihanna — the song doesn’t have much in the way of lyrics — are simple, yet effortlessly strong.

This kinetic medley of a dance track has generated many-a-cover in recent weeks, and, lucky for you, after much searching and listening, we’ve pulled together five of the best of them. Enjoy below!

1. Sam Tsui
Perhaps it’s his breathtaking voice, obvious piano-playing prowess, or boyish good looks that make Sam Tsui such a joy to watch when he performs. Whatever it may be, this je ne sais quoi quality makes the YouTube-famous singer hard to turn off as he belts out a stirring, downtempo rendition of “We Found Love” over his own keyboard and electronic drum pad arrangement.

2. Alex Goot
Alex Goot’s version of “We Found Love” proves energy comes in many different forms. With drums, guitars, a bass and piano Goot delivers a powerhouse performance of the song that comes closer to pop rock than dance-pop. The fact that the talented Poughkeepsie-based singer played all the instruments himself makes his cover that much more impressive.

3. Alyssa Bernal & Shane Boa
Alyssa Bernal’s bright, yet full-bodied voice is the highlight of this acoustic cover of “We Found Love.” With the help of guitarist Shane Boa, the 21-year-old Texas native creates a simple, lighter version of the track that drops the electronic build-up of the original and spotlights her obvious vocal talent.

4. Nathan K.
Another acoustic take on “We Found Love” comes from an unlikely source — indie folk singer Nathan K. of  Ypsilanti, Michigan. A plucked guitar arrangement, quiet claps, and understated harmonies set this rendition apart from the usual covers of this overdone track and makes it one of the more creative of the bunch.

5. Ginette Claudette
Ginette Claudette  of Queens, New York, keeps her cover close to the original’s electronic roots. A strong bass fleshes out the track and pairs well with short piano riffs, finger snaps, and a lighter bongo beat. The 19-year-old’s vocal performance is just as strong as Rihanna’s, which shows a lot of promise for this up-and-coming young pop and R&B singer.

Check out more from Rihanna on her website and from Calvin Harris on his website.

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  1. Juliana Daily needs to be added to this list. Stunning cover.

  2. Wow… these covers are really pretty great.

  3. Check for a beatiful cover here

  4. This is my We found love cover, thanks for taking the time to listen:)

  5. I recently watched the ‘we found love’cover song done by a very talented violinist and the video shot in my beautiful country Kenya..Well I thought she did a wonderful job.Didn’t catch her name though.

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