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As you are surely aware, all week we are meticulously counting down the Best Cover Songs of 2011. While we do that list, though, other publications have been putting out their own best songs list. There is no firm consensus for #1, but we are seeing many of the same tracks pop up over and over again. So we tossed together a set of the best free covers of the best songs of the year.

While our own lists were planned out over a period of weeks, this is just a quick mixtape’s worth of covers. If you like year-end lists as much as we do, you’ve been seeing these songs pop up everywhere. One mark of a well-crafted song is an openness to reinterpretation, so here are 10 covers to make you think about the year’s best songs in new ways.

Covers of [What Many Magazines and Blogs Claim Are] the Best Songs of 2011:
MP3: Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” (covered by John Legend)
MP3: Bon Iver’s “Holocene” (covered by Deadwood Floats)
MP3: Britney Spears’ “Till the World Ends” (covered by Finding Jupiter)
MP3: EMA’s “California” (covered by WATERS)
MP3: Frank Ocean’s “Novocane” (covered by Joyride)
MP3: James Blake’s “The Wilhelm Scream” (covered by Awning)
MP3: Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” (covered by Freakish Atlantic)
MP3: M83’s “Midnight City” (covered by Trails and Ways)
MP3: Radiohead’s “Lotus Flower” (covered by Robotanists)
MP3: Tyler, the Creator’s “Yonkers” (covered by Dilly & the Dunkers)

Now go catch up on our ongoing Best Cover Songs of 2011 list!

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