Nov 222011

A lot of big albums enjoyed big anniversaries this year. The 20-year pairing of Nevermind and Achtung Baby has sapped a lot of attention, but we’ve also seen tributes to the Strokes’ Is This It (age 10) and the Smiths’ The Queen Is Dead (age 25). Now we have another tribute to each of these albums, with a twist: each is international, showing the worldwide reach of both of these seminal bands.

The first is Is This Indie, a Strokes tribute from, of all places, Brazil. Collected by a pair of Sao Paulo music journalists, the collection brings together artists from seven states to pay tribute to the downtown scene. They tend to bridge the gap between South American rhythms and leather-jacket garage, injecting a little samba or handclaps in the familiar melodies. Download two sample tracks below, then grab the full set for the price of a tweet or Facebook post at RocknBeats.

: Cícero – Barely Legal (The Strokes cover)
[audio: News1111/22BarelyLegal.mp3]

: Volantes – Hard to Explain (The Strokes cover)
[audio: News1111/22HardtoExplain.mp3]

The next tribute is The Queen Is 25, a tribute to the Smiths album The Queen Is Dead. That one was put together by Greek blog The Cover Lovers and features mostly local artists tackling every track on the seminal record. The sounds are all over the place figuratively as well as literally – a few artists do hail from the States – spanning chillwave, folk, and even a little downtempo. The site notes that the current situation in Greece is similar to that in England in 1986, making The Queen Is Dead again a fitting soundtrack. Download a couple sample track below, then grab the whole set at The Cover Lovers.

MP3: Sillyboy – Cemetry Gates (The Smiths cover)
[audio: News1111/22CemetryGates.mp3]

: James Collin – The Boy with the Thorn in His Side (The Smiths cover)
[audio: News1111/22TheBoywiththeThorninHisSide.mp3]

Download ‘Is This Indie’ here and ‘The Queen Is 25’ here.

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  1. Very nice to see This is Indie featured here in Cover Me Songs.

    I love Cícero’s Barely Legal take, but Rosa (Last Nite cover) of Banda Uó is just as awesome with its tecnobrega feeling.

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