Nov 302011

During the month of November, men all over the world grow moustaches to raise funds and awareness about prostate cancer and male depression. So, what about the men who can’t grow facial hair? Australian artist Renny Field decided to take to the streets and record a cover song video for every day of the month to help track his self-proclaimed “no-mo” and raise some money for men’s health. As Field tells us, “it’s a great cause and it helps increase awareness about a problem that is very real but not always understood.” What better way to help people understand than through the power of music and the persuasion of your favorite artists.

Field started his “Movember UnderCOVER” on the 1st with the classic “The Weight” by The Band, and has since then covered everyone from Dylan, Elvis, Neil Young, Frank Sinatra, and the Stones, to David Gray, Wheatus, Hawksley Workman and Damien Rice. Not only does Field do a pretty awesome job covering all these songs, he changes the location every time he shoots a new video. Playing everywhere from the streets of Barcelona to outside of the bars in London to numerous different rooms in his own apartment. Some highlights include the Wheatus hit “Teenage Dirtbag” that Field performs with a mate of his, Tom Figgins, a London-based singer-songwriter; The Rolling Stones classic “Wild Horses” that Field has loved ever since he studied the Stones for a project in high school; and Canadian Neil Young‘s “Old Man” which highlights the fact that Field believes there is no better mark of a good song than its ability to work with just a voice and an instrument. Check out a few of the covers below and be sure to make a donation to Renny Field on his Movember page.

Renny Field – Old Man (Neil Young Cover)

Renny Field – Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus Cover)

Renny Field – Wild Horses (The Rolling Stones Cover)

Check out more from Renny Field at his YouTube Page and Website.

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