Oct 072011

This Week on Bandcamp rounds up our favorite covers to hit the site in the past seven days.

An all-new set of artists gets the Bandcamp spotlight today. From old-school blues to new-school Disney, from bleep-bloop chiptune to traditional folk balladry, we expect you’ll find something here to take you through the weekend.

Ever wanted to listen to the Mulan soundtrack without being laughed out of the apartment/dorm/nursing home? Do it through dance-rock covers! First person to sync this audio up with the video wins acceptance into the Han army.

The Pages cover “cooler” artists on their Bandcamp page (Grizzly Bear and Big Star among them), but they don’t get more effective than their beautiful version of Joan Baez’s “Silver Dagger.” This traditional song has been covered a lot, but the soaring vocals make this another keeper.

Cello, guitar, and atmospherics combine for this slow-burning Smokey Robinson and the Miracles cover. But just when you think you’re in bedroom-recording territory, immaculate production builds things to an uplifting instrumental climax.

The sort-of-ironic nostalgia of chiptune/8-bit/Ataricore gets old fast. When you add real vocals (not sampled from Super Mario) overtop the bloops, though, things change. This wacky Cardigans cover will make you smile, and maybe even listen again.

J. Marinelli’s Stone-Age Kicks covers collection sounds like shit, and that’s totally the point. Following the Mountain Goats model, Marinelli records his songs to cassette, with extra distortion. We picked up a particularly chunky Son House cover, but you should really just download the whole thing (fans of sonic clarity not welcome).

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