Oct 142011

This Week on Bandcamp rounds up our favorite covers to hit the site in the past seven days.

Today’s upbeat set mixes Lana and Lennon, Iha and A-Ha. Dig on some trip-hop vibes, go psychedelic on Madonna, or rock out with the controversy-stirring buzz artist of the moment.

You knew it was coming. Frankly, we’re surprised we haven’t seen a Lana Del Rey cover sooner. Her “Video Games” clip became the talk of the Internet, fans and haters battling it out at the speed of buzz. Leavves ignores the hype to amp up the tune that started it all.

Shades of Portishead inflect this electro-acoustic John Lennon cover. Electric piano bathes with subtle programming and, oh yeah, a sitar, adding the part George might have played had it been recorded a year or two earlier.

Last month, we heard a cover from the soundtrack to Austin Powers 2. Now, we get a cover of an original song from the same soundtrack. It is, of course, Madonna’s inescapable-at-the-time “Beautiful Stranger,” given a Zombies-esque psychedelic twist by the Dandelion Seeds.

Sicilian songwriter Claudio Sataldi released this Smashing Pumpkins cover on the A-side of his Christmas single last year, but it’s just making its way to Bandcamp now. While you’re at it, grab the full collection, which offers covers of Syd Barrett and Opal as well.

This one seems to be about five covers in one. First it’s atmospheric drone, then it’s industrial grunge, then trip-hop, then 8-bit, then folk ballad. And wait, is that the Twin Peaks theme in there too?

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