Oct 282011

This Week on Bandcamp rounds up our favorite covers to hit the site in the past seven days.

A clear theme emerged in this week’s set: electronics. Not straight dubstep, 8-bit, or dance music though, but electronics blended with other genres. Electronic folk, electronic grunge, and electronic Latin soul all come into play in these covers. Plus, since we took last week off for CMJ, its an embarrassment of riches that gives us some bonus tunes at the bottom.

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: the Sexbots is an awesome band name. The fact that this is only one woman – Portland’s Ilima Considine – makes it even better. Her electro-thrash through A-Ha’s biggest hit sounds like what the song might sound like if the police in that video were in control.

Madrid artist Raposo gets similarly high-octane with this Rolling Stones cover. “Satisfaction” has been done a million times, but this blend of electro, soul, and Latin rhythms offers something surprisingly fresh.

Yeah, yeah, it’s another Nirvana cover. This one finds a tasty blend between grunge and electronics, adding fresh flourishes without going too far out into the stratosphere. It sounds like what might happen if Garbage covered U2. Oh wait…

Another oft-covered song given a drastic twist with some synths. In this case, many synths, surging behind Lianna Vanicelli’s powerful singing. While you’re at it, go grab their equally great Neutral Milk Hotel cover.

The quietest cover of the week, this Low tune is, as the performer notes, best listened to with headphones. There, the basic acoustic performance sounds like Jacobi is singing right in your ear. That barely-there falsetto seals the deal.


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