Oct 262011

Quickies rounds up new can’t-miss covers. Download ‘em below.

North Carolina collective Stephaniesid describe their sound as “pop-noir,” which is a phrase that could also be used to describe the Dream Academy (“folk-pop-noir” perhaps). Their cover of “Life in a Northern Town” brings a joyful bounce to the proceedings, adding in xylophones, horns, and whimsy aplenty.
MP3: Stephaniesid – Life in a Northern Town (The Dream Academy cover)

London pop songwriter/producer Paul Dixon records as David’s Lyre. He released new single “Higher Ground” and, to celebrate, covered Rihanna’s new single. He bills it as a cover/remix, so we’re assuming some of the background instrumentation is lifted from the original. Either that or he’s really good at manipulating her vocals.
MP3: David’s Lyre – We Found Love (Rihanna cover)

If these two recordings sound particularly good, that’s because they were produced by Paul Kolderie, the man behind several Radiohead and Pixies records. Fitting, then, that Berklee student Julia Easterlin covered songs by both artists for an upcoming covers album.
MP3: Julia Easterlin – Break My Body (Pixies cover)
MP3: Julia Easterlin – There There (Radiohead cover)

Not a lot of info out there on new Quebec singer Blue Valentine. Her real name is Marianne Pelletier and she does a beautiful Elvis Presley cover. For now, that will have to do.
MP3: Blue Valentine – Love Me Tender (Elvis Presley cover)

Seattle record label Whprwhil Records has put together a tribute album celebrating Beck’s One Foot in the Grave. It features local artists covering every track on the 1994 record, reclaiming it from its somewhat unfortunate positioning as “the one between Mellow Gold and Odelay.”
MP3: World History – Forcefield (Beck cover)

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