Oct 272011

Ever masters of cross-promotion, Coldplay hit the Live Lounge today to cover Rihanna. She appears as the only guest on new album Mylo Xyloto, so the cover served a smart opportunity to remind folks of the pairing. In fact, the only more marketing-savvy person to cover might be producer Brian Eno. Coldplay Does Ambient 1: Music for Airports anyone?

The cover sounds good and Coldplay-ey, with Chris Martin hammering on the piano and Jonny Buckland adding acoustic riffs. It follows yesterday’s Live Lounge cover of Coldplay, by Noah and the Whale. Tomorrow Rihanna needs to go cover someone and keep the chain going.

Coldplay – We Found Love (Rihanna cover)

Check out more Coldplay at their website.

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  3 Responses to “Coldplay Cross-Promotes with Rihanna Cover on the Live Lounge”

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  1. I love this cover, it really captures the style of Coldplay from their first few albums, stripped down, acoustic piano, style of music. They didn’t deviate too much from the original, they just taylored it into one of their songs. Very tasteful in what they kept and what they changed, hardly anything, but enough to make it unique.

  2. horrible horrible cover. They totally lost the original emotion of the song, and the emotion that Rihanna expressed w/ her voice. I like Coldplay but these guys just phoned it in

  3. Dear Chris Martin,

    About this Rihanna cover….If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

    PS. I am now using the word ‘paradise’ in place of the word ‘lazy’ in day-to-day use, for example; “Do you ever hear a new song by a well-established group and wonder if the songwriter just got paradise about things?”

    Kind regards,


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