Sep 162011

This Week on Bandcamp rounds up our favorite covers to hit the site in the past seven days.

Today’s set begins all in the family, ends with some lo-fi indie favorites, and takes an unexpected detour to a folk hip-hop medley in the middle. You know, just another week on Bandcamp.

Surely you remember late-‘80s hair metal band Bastille, right? No? It’s okay – pretty much no one does. Except for their relatives, that is. The Forgonian Twins, which includes two sons and a nephew of the original band members, dig up “Love Ain’t,” not-so-famously performed on MTV Yamaha Rock back in the day. Maybe there was something to these guys after all.

Speaking of offspring…Julian Lennon. The third most famous Lennon released a new single last month and it’s already got a cover. Javier Conde lays the schmaltz on thick, but for an unabashedly sappy song, the strings and heavy emoting work.

Shananogans (aka. Shannon Bodrogi) delivers a gem on her “Thug Medley.” Over-enthusiastic acoustic strumming, she blends Lil Jon, Flo Rida, Eminem, and a ton more tough-guy rap hits in a silly medley.

Santa Barbara quartet Howlin’ Woods’ new EP rediscovers an old Kurt Vile song from before he signed to Matador. It’s marginally less lo-fi than the acoustic original, not to mention significantly longer. Nothing says garage-rock revival like a kalimba.

Slowcore favorites Low have gotten some pretty fawning press this year for their quasi-comeback C’mon. This one looks back a little farther though, to 2001’s Things We Lost in the Fire. The British post-rock quartet Her Name Is Calla keep things slow, quiet, and haunting. In other words…Low.

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