Sep 232011

This Week on Bandcamp rounds up our favorite covers to hit the site in the past seven days.

Maybe you’ve heard it mentioned once or twice, but tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind. In honor of that (and the fact that ~20% of the new covers on Bandcamp this week were Nirvana), we bookend today’s set with two Nirvana covers. Every track’s a keeper today, so much so that we threw in three bonus tracks we just couldn’t leave out.

Our first Nirvana cover is a true gem from Florida Americana band Roadkill Ghost Choir. They played a tribute even earlier this week down in Orlando, and recorded this haunting cover for the occasion.

Earlier this year, beloved alt-folk icon Gillian Welch released her first album in eight years (we already heard Phish cover a song off it). Renewed interest may have inspired this cover of a Time (The Revelator) standout, off the Shooter McGavins’ free new album. It also includes covers of Johnny Cash and the Avett Brothers.

What’s better than one Pat Benatar cover? Two Pat Benatar covers! This Alabama duo describes their style as “Indiefolksgospel” and brings those skills to this blend of “Shadows of the Night” and “Love Is a Battlefield.”

The Complainer hail from Poland (does a singer named Wojciech Kucharczyk give it away?), a country that became known for its new wave scene even before the fall of Communism. Not surprising, then, that these synth-loving post-punkers know how to do a Tears for Fears song.

Few cities seem more culturally distanced from the Seattle scene than Paris, so the fact that this French trio loves Nirvana shows just how far their influence spread. They deliver a chunky, Blur-esque cover of Nevermind standout “Polly.”


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